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25 Gorgeous Drool-Worthy Gifts for Girlfriends and Gal PalsFor your coolest girlfriend. EVER!

If you have the coolest girlfriends ever, giving them these gifts will really make them drool.

Girls just love everything special. They want gifts that would make them feel good about themselves — something that could either empower them or express themselves. Whether she is your significant other, best friend or just a mate, if you need to buy a gift for a gal – here is what to buy!

So, if you’re planning to surprise your girlfriend with the best gift she will ever receive and she will not forget, we’ve rounded up a list of the most gorgeous drool-worthy gifts for your girlfriend.

25 Gorgeous Drool Worthy Gifts for Girlfriends | Stay at Home Mum

1. Pineapple Earrings

These trendy pineapple earrings have real Swarovski studs that make it classy and oh so lovely!  They are so freaking adorable – and Pineapples are trending right now!  Any girl would ADORE these simply beautiful earrings.  Hint Hint (husbandy person – I would LOVE IT if you bought me these!!!!).

Available from iloniti – $115.74

25 Gorgeous Drool-Worthy Gifts for Your Girlfriend | Stay At Home Mum

2. Cupcake Earrings

These adorable Red Velvet Cupcake earrings look so real, you’ll want to eat them right up. Lol!

Available from GabrielleandCo – $27.89

Stay At Home Mum

3. Neon Pink Multi-Tassel Hoop Earrings

These gorgeous multi-tassel hoop earrings are perfect for the beach, boho or festival style gathering your girlfriend will go to.  Tassel earrings are so in right now!!!

Available from CINTAKAMU – $15.38

Stay At Home Mum

4. Brown Crystal Earrings

Simple yet sophisticated. Just like her.

Available from EndoraJewellery – $30.75

25 Drool Worthy Gifts for Girlfriends

5. Rose Gold Druzy Earrings

Prepare to be bedazzled when she wears this stunning rose gold druzy earrings that are timeless just like her beauty.

Available from AvaHopeDesigns – $62.90

Rose Druzy Earrings

6. Rose Quartz Necklace

Give her something that comes from the heart just like this charming rose quartz necklace that will bring your love up a notch as rose quartz is a love stone that connects with the heart, encouraging romance.  Best of all – these necklaces are CHEAP – for $9.00 each you could buy all your gal pals matching necklaces!

Available from Etsy – $9.00

Rose Quartz Necklace | Stay at Home Mum

7. Tiny Gold Personalised Name Necklace

She will definitely treasure this pretty gold personalised name necklace.

Available from Etsy – $36.48

Personalised Necklace from Etsy

8. Birthstone Necklace – Personalised

You can also put her initial in an elegant birthstone necklace that she will wear always.

Available from AvaHopeDesigns – $47.53

Stay At Home Mum

9. Sideways Initial Necklace

…Or give her something with a modern twist in initial necklaces, just like this sideways initial necklace that will make her look fabulous. Another great one to buy for all your girl-crew!

Available from AvaHopeDesigns Via Etsy – $34.95

Stay At Home Mum

10. Druzy Stick Necklace

She can also have this magnificent druzy stick necklace that she can wear alone or layer with her other favourite necklaces.

Available from funkyartsy – $48.92

Stay At Home Mum

11. Gold and Pearl Backdrop Necklace

For that beautiful low back dress she’s wearing, this lovely gold and pearl backdrop necklace will accentuate her curves. Or a perfect Bridesmaid Present for your big day – it is so pretty.

Available from LuluSplendor – $124.41

25 Gorgeous Drool-Worthy Gifts for Your Girlfriend | Stay At Home Mum

12. 14K Moonstone Ring

If you plan to put a ring on it, this magical 14k moonstone ring is perfect for her beautiful hand.  Moonstone is so timeless – and especially if your gal pal is a Cancer sign!

Available from MaGalJewelry – $188.92

25 Gorgeous Drool-Worthy Gifts for Your Girlfriend | Stay At Home Mum

13. Do Epic Shit Bracelet

Your carefree girlfriend will always wear this fascinating bracelet to remind her to always “Do Epic Shit”

Available from fuzzycatstudio – $16.77

25 Gorgeous Drool-Worthy Gifts for Your Girlfriend | Stay At Home Mum

14. Silk Scarf with Bohemian Wings

Free as a bird. This whimsical silk scarf with bohemian wings will let her spread her wings and be who she wants to be.

Available from Shovava – $78.28

25 Gorgeous Drool-Worthy Gifts for Your Girlfriend | Stay At Home Mum

15. Heather Skies Plaid Blanket Scarf

Keep her comfortable amidst the cold weather with this trendy Heather Skies plaid blanket scarf.

Available from BeautifullBoundaries – $22.16

Stay At Home Mum

16. Winter Crocheted Beanie

She will always feel warm and cosy with this crocheted beanie that’s cute and stylish.

Available from SENNURSASA – $36.34

Stay At Home Mum

17. Botanical Art Print (Digital Download)

Make her always feel loved with this delightful botanical art print of lovely flowers.

Available from WordsAndConfetti – $9.21

Stay At Home Mum

18. ‘Be a Nice Human’ Wall Art

To keep her reminded of her day-to-day struggles, this wall art is perfect for any area of her home.

Available from PrintableBeautyArt – $8.46

Stay At Home Mum

19. Wooden iPhone Case

Since she can’t go without her iPhone, why not make her iPhone the most appealing of all with this beautiful Mandallion wooden iPhone case that will also keep her phone fully protected.

Available from Mandallion – $22.35

Stay At Home Mum

20. Knit Coffee Cozy

Keep her drinks hot and her hands cool with this practical knit coffee cozy. Perfect for a cold winter day or night.

Available from Natalya1905 – $24.46

Stay At Home Mum

21. Pink Floral Coasters

These adorable pink floral coasters with rubber feet to stop her cup from sliding will always keep her drinks in place.

Available from SimplyImperfected – $7.28

Stay At Home Mum

22. Owl Purse

If she’s the type who never gets out of the house without a purse, this beautiful genuine leather purse/wristlet will be the most convenient way for her to carry her money, credit cards, keys, change and more, in style!

Available from AnipalsAndMore – $27.94

Stay At Home Mum




23. Lavender Vanilla Natural Deodorant

This natural deodorant in lovely lavender vanilla scent is guaranteed to keep her feeling fresh all day and night.

Available from CLNandDRTY – $22.37

Stay At Home Mum

24. Water Tracker Bottle

She definitely needs this cute water tracker bottle that will help her easily track her daily water intake.

Available from PinkIvyCreationsCo – $25.16

Stay At Home Mum

25. Statement T-shirts

Make her wear her heart…on her shirts! This cool statement t-shirts do not only speak her mind, it’s comfy too! This will surely be her new favourite tee!

Available from TeeBeeShirts – $23.48

Which of these gifts for your girlfriend do you find really drool-worthy?

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