Stay at Home Mum’s Pork selection includes pork sausages, bacon, pork chops and all other wonderful cuts from this magical animal as Homer Simpson called it!

Homemade Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls For $10

Traditional Sausage Rolls With A Sweet Twist

Slow Cooker Cranberry Pork Loin Roast

Perfect for Christmas Lunch or Dinner

Glazed Ham

Recipe from The Fresh Life with Megan

Hot Roast Pork Loin for Six People

Recipe for The $50 Weekly Dinners

Pork Stuffed Capsicums

Get Stuffed!

Slow Cooker Bacon Risotto

No more dry or super runny risottos!

Pineapple And Beer Baked Ham

A Fantastic Go-To Ham Recipe

Leek, Ham and Cheese Pasties

Simple Snacks That Fill Little Bellies

10 Ways to Get a Sausage In Ya!

Because everyone loves a good sausage!

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Legs

Everything Is Better With Bacon

Simple Curried Sausages

Easy Peasy!

Toad in the Hole

Good Traditional English Fare!

Crockpot Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pulled Pork

Sweet, Sticky, Delicious!

Leftover Pasta Bake For Under $10

Don't Bin it - Use it Up and SAVE!

Pork Chops With Nectarine Relish

A Summer Delight!

Sticky Sausages

Sausages your kids will go crazy for!

Sausage Stroganoff

Get a Sausage In ya!

Two Ingredient Slowcooker Sticky Ribs

Deliciously Decadent Slow Cooked Ribs