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Should I tell my neighbours husband she is cheating on him?

We have only just moved in and I have seen a man there when the husband isn't and he always leaves before husband gets home never around when husband is there and I have seen them having sex while I was hanging out the washing and she had her curtains open husband came home early 1 day and the other man ended up running through my yard


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Next time you see them say something like, "omigosh i saw a guy jump out your window last week. Did you get robbed?" Be concerned.

 LoL! Add he ran right thru my yard. I got a good look at him if you want me to tell the police.
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 I think this is the one I will go with my husband has volunteered to do it for me and drop the hint he wanted to just say it but I was worried about what could happen if we do just go tell him if this doesn't work I will try an annon letter or trying to help him catch them out
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I quite honestly would tell! Imagine if it were your wife or husband wouldnt you like to know?

Anonymous letter? It's not really fair on you to have a stranger in your yard!

If it has nothing to do with your life, stay well away from it. It could backfire on you. You are neighbours after all. These things have a way of showing themselves eventually.

 I agree, stay out of it! I would be actually seriously f#$ked off if neighbours told me something like that. Like firstly I'm humiliated, and secondly why are you spying on what we're doing anyway? If you not close friends, stay out of it
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I would imply but not say it, cowardly yes but tactful considering you live so close... Oh is that your brother that I keep seeing at the house when you're at work, I think I used to work with him... Makes it pretty clear a guy is turning up and if he has questions he'll ask you or her, maybe he knows and is fine, maybe not.

Start house hunting. You will have the neighbour from HELL if she ends up with the house 'mistake' or not!!!
Mind your own business & sit back & wait for the fireworks.
The only time i think neighbours should stick their nose in is when its necessary to phone the police, domestic violence, child/elderly abuse etc

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I would not personally. I dont know how 'friendly' you are with your neighbors just yet but I'm sure this news will not be welcome so early with you moving in. You dont know how they will take it and the affect not only on their relationship and but also yours as neighbors. It sounds as though they will get caught sooner or later.

You should just worry about your own back yard, 😀

 The guy used her backyard as an escape route haha
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Get the husbands number And call him to come home as soon as the guy rocks up.

 Best idea
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Maybe just say that you need the number of the handy man that she has over so often, in front of both of them. Then you could just say you assumed he was a handyman. I am sure the husband would question her. You could even ask if they are doing renos since he is there everyday etc.

You should mind your own business, for all you know they could have an open relationship.

 If the guy is running through her backyard i doubt the husband knows about it
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Hell yes I would. I would be discrete tho maybe a letter like someone else suggested. I would want to know if it was me regardless of how I found out.

I would let her know you feel put in an akward position and that she is not being as discrete as she thinks.

If a stranger came up to you and told you your significant other was cheating, would you believe them? I don't think telling her would do any good. If she was a good friend, yep definitely say something. A complete stranger, no way.

Love the anonymous letter!! But make sure you send it like a normal letter and not just drop it in the letter box incase you get caught