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When to talk about periods and sex

My daughter is only 7 but i wonder when do you start to talk about periods? I dont want her to freak out not knowing whats happening when she does get it. I dont get periods so its not like she sees me buying tampons etc. I seen an article on sahm about books explaining sex to 4 to 8 year olds. My kids know that they came from my belly when mummy and daddy had a special kiss. She also knows that babies come out of the vagina (so she doesnt want kids lol) and sometimes cut from tummy by drs help like me. I feel the special kiss thing is silly though. Shes asking alot of questions about how babies get in your tummy and freake out because apparently she kissed (peck) a boy on the lips at school..


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My daughter is five and she knows about it, knows she will get it one day and have to wear nappies lol. My son is 8 and knows as well, he always goes have you got the tummy cramps again mum lol start off little by little and it gets easier each time you don't have to bombard her with info just bits and pieces here and there

If you saw* the article about the 4 to 8 year olds, you saw* the answers. You tell them when they ask in an honest, age appropriate way. Let their questions guide you. If you think she's not ready to know the details about sex you say "that's a great question. But it's a really tricky one to answer and I don't want to give you the wrong information, so we need to talk about this one a bit later"

OP It had book suggestions. Thanx for the grammar lesson my life is complete.
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 Oh, you're so welcome! Also, hot tip - use the little white 'search questions' bar at the top of the page to *gasp* search for previously asked questions!
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She'll be learning info in the playground. 7 year olds can handle knowing age appropriate information. It's not unusual for girls to start their period at 9 nowadays.

I have never hidden my period from my children, even my boys. My 11 year old is now showing signs so we had “the chat”, which was more of a don’t worry, it’s natural, tell me if you feel you need some pads in your school bag. It wasn’t a big deal. I’ve always wanted my daughter comfortable to come to me about her period so never made a big deal about it.

OP I dont get periods though
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 Yeah that must make it a bit harder! The advice people often give is "answer in an age appropriate way when the subject naturally comes up", but I guess it wouldn't ever come up if they never see any tampons, blood in the toilet etc.

I guess you could borrow or buy a kids book about where babies come from and read it with her & talk about it then?

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My daughter is 9 and knows the basics about periods. I think by this age they need a basic understanding of them, not necessarily the full reasons why (the egg wasn't fertilised so you'd shed the uterus lining and egg) She's been more curious of late due to my 11 year old starting puberty. We discuss openly if either has questions. She knows what's happening to her brothers body.