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Are you "prepping" for WW3?

Not a troll post something I've been thinking a lot about


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If WW3 comes, no amount of prepping is gonna save us

OP Yes I know. Scary 😣
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Nope. I'm just living my life. I'll worry about it if it happens

Look through previous posts. This has been posted heaps.
I posted my survival kit contents (enough to stay indoors for a few weeks) couldn't be bothered listing it all now.
I also have a fear bag, f**k everything and run.
Could be used in many situations not just war.
With war it would be handy to have if bombs hit nearby you but not on you 🤞 Hope for neither

OP Yes I've seen some other posts.
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OP Thanks i seen your list. Some great ideas. What do you think about a generator?

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 Generator still requires you to have access to petrol. Be better off with couple solar panels and deep cycle batteries with a fridge and lights that can run on 12V dc (camping fridge) and full gas bottle with a portable gas stove.
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No! There really is no way to prepare for such a thing.