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My 2 year old talks non stop at home but doesn’t at daycare, anyone else??

My girl is so shy but talks so much at home but says nothing at daycare! Even nothing to the carers. Anyone else had this issue??
Very happy healthy girl and household!


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Child care teacher here- it happens a lot. Really common. Nothing to be concerned about!

My 5 year old is exactly the same. She is in prep now and the teacher has to work hard to get her to speak.

My son was like this and we ignored it and put it down to shyness. By kindy the teacher saw it as a problem and he was eventually diagnosed with Selective Mutism. Not saying this is the case but its worth reading up on it and recognising the signs as she gets older if she does not start talking during these settings. It also helps if you can arrange playdates with just one other child from daycare. Once she is used to and can talk with one friend at daycare it helps her to relax and talk to other kids and teachers.

My almost 2 year old is the same. Talks non stop at home but when we're out and someone she doesn't know talks to her she won't even say boo. We don't do day care but even when someone comes over to our house she won't say much, unless she had lots of time to warm up to them