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Back yard set up

Warmer weather has arrived and we virtually live out of doors when it does! What are your must haves/love to haves for outside?

We have a nice dining set and sand pit for the kids. (aged 4 and 7)


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Outdoor table setting
Basketball hoop
Cubby house
Dart board
Large monkey bars, swing set and slippery slide (made by my husband)
Outdoor table tennis table

 We have pretty much this with the addition of a sandpit and an outdoor couch. Our children are 4 and 2.

We will hopefully have a pool this time next year also.

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We have the standard outdoor things, dinning setting, hammock, trampoline, swing set, etc We recently got a basketball hoop which has been a winner especially with my husband and his friends, let's face it he's really just a kid at heart too. We invested in a pretty expensive trampoline partly because you can buy so many fun accessories, we have a basketball hoop attachment, a tent that goes over it which is great for our youngest (no sunburn), a sprinkler like attachment and a skate deck (basically a skate board without trucks or wheels). It's made by vuly and it and the accessories have been worth every cent. The other favourites at our house are the slip'n slide, water pistols, bubble machines, outdoor trucks (like tonka trucks, our youngest loves playing with them), badminton (you can get some really easy to assemble sets), tennis on a pole, chalk (if you have any concrete paths or a concrete patio), balls, backyard cricket set, a ball pit (all our children love the ball pit and everyone else's children. A trampoline with a net can easily be turned into a ball pit) and we always have a packet of those water bombs where you fill roughly 30 at once (bunch-o-balloons, I think). If you have an appropriate patio or something similar, my children also love anything with wheels; skateboards, scooters, bikes, roller blades, etc. We also do arts and craft outside, it saves me a lot of stress and it's a lot easier if you ask me. I'd much rather see glitter and paint on the patio or in the grass. Most of those items you can find pretty cheap and most the children I know get a lot of enjoyment from them.

my kids love water play on hot days, maybe one of those plastic 'clam shells'

Last summer we bought a mist kit and set it up all around our verandah. So awesome, it made the area feel about 5 degreees cooler.

our backyard has grassy area, garden beds, outdoor dining, outdoor day bed, trampoline, sandpit, swings for the kids.

I spend a lot of time maintaining our gardens.