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Darwin Award Why do people want one ?

A 19-year-old woman has died after taking a unidentified substance at the FOMO music festival in western Sydney.

Key points:

Paramedics say the woman attended the festival's medical centre after having a reaction to drugs
She is the fifth person in NSW to die at a music festival so far this season
Police searched 146 people at the festival, 54 were found with drugs


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Another copy and paste from the news? Has this become a comment on the latest news article forum?

In case you skipped your teens and your early adulthood and was born a tsk-tsking middle aged pearl clutcher, here is some FYI for you.... young people think they are invincible. They have a ‘it will never happen to me’ attitude and hence are great risk takers. This is nothing’s new.. It has been happening through the ages. And will keep on happening.

 Ladies we have an ex junkie here
I am from an Asian family with morals
I am 30 and have 5 investment properties
Bet you live in a housing trust home in a feral area

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 What does coming from a asian family got to do with anything about this? What about having investment properties has anything to do about this?
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 No hun, not a junkie. Just a realist. I did plenty of stupid things when I was younger though, drugs just weren’t my thing. Another FYI for you, asians use illicit substances just as much as anyone else. And, clearly jump to just as many conclusions too.
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 If being Asain meant you were smart and wealthy there'd be no one to do my toenails.
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 If you think only housos and bogans are junkies then you are very naive. Plenty of 30 yo Asians with 5 investment properties use darling. But nice try at stereotyping 👎
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 Lol what has Asian got to do with girl dying at music festival
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 I'm 30. Don't have investment properties. Don't take drugs. Don't live in commission housing. Work two jobs. Not Asian.

See how that was relevant 😒

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 The Asians that do your toe nails are on a visa and are modern day slaves

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The junkies and users are keeping my family in business
Funerals have sky rocketed since June last year
Thanks to everyone who is helping my family make money
Last year a junkies funeral cost average $8500
Times by 30
Cha Ching $255k

 🤣 thats exactly how I feel about your absolutely pathetic attempt at provocation 🤣😘

We will have pill testing, sooner rather than later. I hope the tax system becomes increasingly progressive so you foot the bill. My monies in a trust fund, Bitch 😎
Also you have no grasp of Darwin’s theory of natural selection, survival of the fittest, adaptation and evolution. I doubt you ever will and I don’t say that kindly 😁

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 Asians are supposed to have higher than average IQs. I see you werent blessed by the genetic advantages of your ancestors adaptions.
Ironic, as Alanis would say 🤣

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 If you believe the experts, they don’t believe pill testing will prevent overdoses nor do they think they will become common practice. I’d sooner believe an expert in the field than some random person on the internet with an over inflated sense of self 🤷‍♂️
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 I am not the Asian one
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 You can get it for you to be in the future and a bit more about it but it is a great time in the end I am a few of them are not sure if you want the best regards the team and I have to be in touch with you on this weekend and we can do you think you should not disseminate distribute to all the best of luck to you as a result the house and the owners of the time of year old female who is the best of my life and death the kid in a few minutes and I will be in touch with you on this device to start this rental home though I think I can do you think you need anything
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 Your statement contradicts every expert/study I have ever met/read. My profession involves constant and direct liasing with drug rehabilitation professionals/experts/research and I vermently disagree with you. I’ve never read or heard an expert say anything even remotely close to your opinion but yeah you are the expert. Whats your experience with professionals/experts/addicts/users?

I’ll take a guess; none, zero, never, nothing

I bet life Isnt particularly easy with your degree of insight and perception. I really shouldn’t punch down but you asked so nicely 😄

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When you grow up and have children you will hopefully have a better understanding of how the world works. Until then I really think you should try a bit harder in high school.

 You think everyone born from 2000 will be a junkie ?
The world works how you were raised
My cousins are aged between 18 and 23 and aren’t junkies or pill poppers
Most are married and or married with kids

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 I have kids and when they come from a family where they will still listen to mum and dad until they get married
That’s how it was in family and generations before
Kids these days get too much freedom
Why do you think kids aged between 12 and 17 are getting pregnant
Molly is 15 and has 2 kids cause she was given too much freedom

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 No I don't think everyone will be a junkie. But the person who posts these ridiculous questions is on something I'm sure.
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 Have no sympathy for Alexa
She was an adult and took a pill in 35 degrees and drank beer and danced
She was dehydrated and could have been saved if was put on an IV drip
The pill didn’t help and that’s why she’s dead and she wanted to be a nurse

Her organs shut down

Her friend wrote its cruel how the young die
Friend it was Alexa’s fault
Now she’s being buried by her parents
No parent should bury their child if you play stupid games you get stupid prizes Darwin Award 🥇

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 ^ wouldn’t that be great. Be the perfect parent, be strict, don’t give them too much freedoms etc etc and they won’t abuse drugs. God if only it worked like that. Of course, a proper upbringing reducs the risk but there are absolutely no guarantees that it won’t ever happen. It’s very, very naive to believe that.

Also, I bet if you open up your family closet you will find many skeletons that will shock you....

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 Also.....plenty of married people with kids abuse drugs. Sad but true.
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 Oh love, you are going to get the shock of your life when you have kids.
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 ^^ never done anything stupid in your life? Something you have regretted? Something that was risky? Alexa did. As do many people young and old alike, high functioning members of society included. Was she stupid? Yes. Did she deserve to die? No. How wonderful it must be to be as perfect as you...
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The final moments of a teenage girl who died from a suspected drug overdose at a Sydney music festival have been revealed.
Alex Ross-King, 19, died in hospital after attending the FOMO music festival in Parramatta.

She had been dancing in the 35-degree heat, surrounded by people taking illicit drugs and drinking alcohol before she collapsed.

 She was dehydrated
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I am a bit more about the HTML5 player to watch the event by visiting recording in the end I am a few of the time of year again but the other side of the kids and adults alike and a bit like this in the end I think I can you get to see the attached file for

Told my kids if they die from an overdose not going to their funeral and will burn their stuff

 How does this stop them from doing drugs?
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 My dad used to tell me if I died from something stupid he'd never talk to me again 😂
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 Telling them I won’t care if they die from drugs
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 You are literally defying your strongest biological urges for a socially imposed ideology which I find equal parts; bizarre, sad and interesting

My children are far more vaulable than any ideology.

My desire to protect my children is unparalleled, as it is with most people

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 They would be dead, why would they care what you do with their stuff?
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Tax payers will pay for pill 💊 testing
Good luck 😉 paying more tax so losers can have a good time at a festival

 The event organization with pay. Come with the cost if the ticket.
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Well my guess is simple math. $10 a beer or $30/$50 for a pill. They tried being hard on drug users it hasn't worked.

A definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Time to try pill testing.

Fyi. If you think your kids are "to good to do drugs" i sorry to say they tried they just havnt told you.
Everyone forget whats it like to be young and poor yes the ticket are not cheap. So they think safe money by having a pill.

 My kids are 5 and 8
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 One day they will be 15 and 18....
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 Kids think they are invincible. Kids succumb to peer and social pressures, whether they realise it or not.
All you can hope, is that they are honest with you, because they will still make their own choices.
And that pill testing is available

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 Not all kids experiment with drugs
I have tried dope when I was 25
Not everyone is a loser sweetie

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 Pill 💊 testing won’t help if the kid is drinking and dancing in hot weather and not drinking water 💦
Losers need pills 💊 and get drunk to have a good time
Alexa won’t be doing that again
She’s 19 and lying in a morgue in cold 🥶 temperature and parents are organising to bury her
She won’t see her 21st
40 etc
No children to bear
Her parents will visit their daughter at her grave at her birthday 🍰 Christmas 🎄 death 💀 anniversary
Kids need to attend junkies funeral ⚰️

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 You cant even comprehend the difference between a user and an addict, how could you possibly think your argument has any weight?

I liaising with drug rehabilitation professionals within my own profession. Anyways they have a saying (and they are all highly educated and regarded members of their profession and communities): reality is for people who can’t handle drugs

It was a shocking and interesting perspective but there is truth in it. I’d hate to be as narrow minded and anti intellectual as yourself. It must so boring in your mind, to have your own ideas limited by rigid, subjective beliefs.

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