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One thing after another! When will it end???

The past few months we've had so much go wrong and so much cost us money. Just cant seem to catch a break. We work hard and are good people. I just really need a breather. Ive hardly got any spare time, 2 jobs plus kids and house. Husband works full time. My life feels like a game of tetris, all i do is organise, arrange, plan, re-do half of the arranging coz othet stuff comes up that i need to fit in or something changes. Things that go wrong seem to go that bit extra wrong or be that bit more complicated than they should be. It feels like everything is happening at once, ph calls, emails people talking to me, trying to sort things im only 1 person there is only so much i can do. Seriously feels like im copping a whole lot of bad karma or someone is out to get me. Anyone else going through the same? Its 1 drama after another and do mny little things that keep cropping up that end up being hugely time consuming. NOTHING seems to just happen as it should or go smoothly to plan EVER


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Can you just say no to some things. Can you delegate some stuff to friends or family. Can you chuck a sickie to get a breather day to catch up

Going through the same bullshit now too. Hugs to you. I don't work two jobs thankfully, so I have a bit more time to process what's going on and adjust things but it's still been one fu****g thing after another. I'm hopeful that it means if I get all of the annoying crap outta the way now, by about May/June my year will turn around and be an awesome cruisey time. Fingers crossed at least.

I feel this way too. I don’t like to complain because it’s nothing major, but it’s the little things that just keep piling up. One little thing after another little thing. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed I can’t breath.

 This is me too. I feel like the family's PA.
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Sorry to hear life is shit for you at the moment. My brother and his wife are going through rough patches / financial strain/issues with kids health etc. I see the stress and wish I could just hand over a heap of cash to make that aspect of their life easier/ one less worry.

Thanks for your support ladies xx i try to be pretty organised but it just feels like so much unexpected stuff keeps happening and it feels like we are constantly hemoraging (?) Money and just cant get ahead. Every time we think we are something always comes up.

Hugs to you Mumma, I hope it starts to smooth out for you soon xx