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Am i a prude

Well just read on dls someone saying how hot it is to breastfeed while hubby is doing her from behind. I think that is disgusting. Also one about being fingered while in the room with the kids. My dad used to do stuff like that eith his girlfriend when i was a kid and i hated him for it. Thinks i didn't notice but its pretty obvious. Screwed me up for a while. Needless to say i cut him off when i realised it was wrong. Or at least i thought its wrong. Am i just a prude? Im not vanilla sexually hubbs and i partake in an adventurous sexlife but its just between us snd i would do it with kids in the room. Seriously do normal people think this is ok or is the something wrong with me to think its effed up.


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I completely agree with you.
There’s been some grotty DLS’s lately.
We’re not here to hear that crap.. we’ll, I’m not anyway.
Hearing those stories do nothing for me.

 And I agree about there being a time and a place.
Have some respect for your kids.

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Yep. With you on this one. It's vile. Hopefully they're trolling and not legitimately that disgusting.

 Yes im hoping its just a troll
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I think those things are messed up.. My partner and i make sex jokes and innuendos and stuff, that the kids know what we're talking about because kids these days seem to know way more than when I was a kid. Doesn't emotionally scar them, they know we love each other and that sexuality is part of life. They are very open with us in return (we have teenagers), but I think doing sexual acts in front of children is f##ked up, even if they aren't aware it's happening. If they were aware it would be child abuse

 I totally agree.
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 It’s child abuse even if they aren’t aware, being aware doesn’t make it any less abusice or inappropriate.
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Sex is should be private between those involved. So inappropriate to do it in front of the kids. And getting fu***d from behind while breastfeeding is just yuk.

Haha I had to endure a similar thing growing up with my mum and stepdad. Not quite the same, because I never had to SEE it. But they were more than happy to let everyone around them know about their sex life. Eew. Then they'd turn around and try to play the "don't you dare hold hands with a boy in front of your younger siblings" crap with me. Like okay, so we all have to hear about how you want to lick my mother out, and how he's such a kinky lover, but God forbid I should HOLD SOMEONE'S HAND. Idiots. Even now that I'm married with kids, my husband and I arent allowed to share a room if we stay at their house. Like wtf? We're the weird ones for teaching our kids about modesty and for insisting that what a man and wife do in bed is between themselves... anyway, no, you're not a prude. That's nasty.
Have some class ( to the gross DLS wh**e, not you OP).

I am also with you especially the breastfeeding one. Currently breastfeeding and could not imagine doing that. There are certain things that should be kept privately between the two of you.

We had sex in the same room
As our eldest for a while (while she was asleep always) the last time I think she was 4 and we both were like, it's too weird now.
Have never been sexual in the same room as any of our kids since (as if one was in the oldest usually was too.)
Oh actually
Maybe a few times after new bubs were born and were in the bassinet