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I know this is a "reality" TV show and I'm like 90% sure at least some of these ppl are paid and that it's manipulated for our entertainment. But seriously, Ines is being portrayed like this massive psycho bitch. I just want to give Bronson a hug and have a quiet chilled out chat. That poor man! How can they actually be OK with the way this relationship is playing out - it's so toxic!


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Ines is this seasons Davina, and Sam is this seasons Dean. Rediculous that they cast for the same characters in each batch. Imagine how heartwarming it would be if they just took real people and tried to matchmake without the torture and the plots and the famewhores. These programs become popular in the first place because they are not orchestrated to death. Then the producers think they know what viewers want and micro manage it into the ground 💀

 Good point
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She's very mentally unwell. She can basically abuse the crap out of him and experts just talk about that being her defenses from a tough upbringing. He says one mean thing and gets dressed down in front of all the other cast on national tv.

 Yes imagine if the roles were reversed. Everyone would be screaming emotional abuser, potential physical abuser etc they would be coming for the guys head. I don't know how any man would want to be with her. She's completely unstable.
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 And she is upset with Bronson because he used to dance “I can’t have a husband that used to be a stripper” but she expects to find a husband that wants a scheming slag for a wife???
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 This would be abusive if reversed! I hate these attitudes I really do that is disgusting
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 I haven’t watched it but I can almost guarantee that she isn’t actually mentally unwell but it is the way they are editing it. They can edit things so you seem like the biggest bitch. The entire show is such a sham.
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Dating a stripper is beneath her but cheating on her husband isnt.

 Questionable morals there 🤔
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Get her off is all i can say, her and that Sam prick. Yep, i understand the ratings side of things, but what about the morals? Those producers are standing there watching it all unfold. I feel so bad for Lizzie and Bronson.

They're totally just actors, the one that's made out to be crazy in these shows surely must get a giant pay check.
People legitimately don't realise it's fake and really hate her.

 Yes I agree. I mean they have cameras watching them intensely, of course they are acting..then they all have Instagram or whatnot and so are already aware that they’re have a brand or image and popularity addiction which they are already working on..,sigh
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I don’t get how to people can supposedly sneak around and “no one” sees them coming in or out of the wrong apartment (ines and Sam) do the producers stage this so well??

OP I'm guessing they are not all side by side / across the halls from each other so they can come and go pretty freely?
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$10 ines “gets chickenpox”

 Only $10 ....
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I don’t understand how people can watch that show. I’ve never seen an episode but have friends who talk about it all the time and honestly I just don’t understand why people continue to watch it. Like most reality tv shows, they are just trash tv.

 The ads and promos for this show are enough to make me want to poke my eyes out with a fork!
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I can not believe how many people jump on this ridiculous MAFS bandwagon. "Social experiment", my a*s. It is the dumbest, stupidest, most rehearsed, fake, inauthentic, ratings pulling show I have ever seen. I watched a couple of episodes of the first season and have never been able to watch since.

OP This is my first season. I totally agree about it being rehearsed. There is one couple on there though that seem really genuine and I do hope they are real.
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 Yes, would be nice to see
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 Makes me miss a farmer wants a wife... they out that together in a way that appeared they had more than ratings at its intention but rather appeared as though they did actually want to find farmers love.
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 I refuse to watch this crap too
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 Not even a real marriage
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Scripted or not, where tf was Lizzie?

 I know’! I’m dying here! 😂
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 Yeah, there was nothing about her, no teaser clips of her whereabouts at all
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Chan 9 are more concerned with their duty of care to their "professionals" then the cast. If the sexes were reversed it would be classed as emotional and verbal abuse aka domestic violence. But since its a man its directed at chan 9 don't care.

I have been watching MKR, my brain can only handle this reality crap one at a time

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 Mkr isn't much better. It's all about bitching, not cooking
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It's not real, they just aren't paid that's all. All the reality shows are the same. It's all scripted.