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Hair help

Every time the weather gets cooler I get dandruff and my hair goes flat it looks shit. I've tried things like head and shoulders (doesn't work) as for the flat hair I have no clue what to do. I have dark hair so it is an issue what should I do? What do you recommend? I need help ladies. Thanks!


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Use of those roundish flat hair/scalp brushes (not sure what they're called) you can get at the hairdresser, or probably elsewhere for cheaper. Before you hop in the shower spend 5 mins brushing your scalp to loosen any flakes of dry skin, then shampoo as usual. Maybe shampoo twice. And use the selsun. Rinse really really well. Hope that helps.

My husband uses selsun in the yellow bottle and that helps with the dandruff. My skin dries out more in winter. I think it's from the heating

 Second the selsun, it’s amazing also tease the top of your hair with a comb the give it some volume.
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I have a dry scalp all year around. I’ve not been able to get rid of it completely, but I have found the ginger scalp care shampoo from Body Shop controls it. If it’s really bad I add a tiny bit of Moroccan scalp oil. You’re supposed to use it in the shower, leave and rinse but that doesn’t help a lot. Too much makes my hair oily. The moo goo scalp care helps too.