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Does anyone know of any free online courses that i can do to help build my resume up. Returning to work after 6 years stay at home mum. Thank you


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Open study Australia I have done a couple even if it doesn’t relate to my field I use it as a resume filler, same with volunteer work

MOOC's! Pick an area of interest and go for it. Bonus if you can meet the criteria for international ones too, thatll really open up your learning options.
Or if you want some of my sneaky tricks to pad out my own resume: become a freelance writer. You've written this question on here, boom you're a freelance writer and content contributer. Or if you babysit for your friends sometimes, and maybe their kids learn a new fact (or maybe even a swear word, hey no judgement from me) at your place, you have now been volunteer tutoring local kids or community groups/running a successful home based learning centre.

 Lol so clever!
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There is an organisation called "Dressed for Success", that provides outfits for starting back at work, and looking good for interviews.
I think they have other resources, such as help with resumes, coaching for interviews etc.
They are in most large towns and cities.
If you search on google you may find some free resources, and SAHM have useful guidance in relation to employment, so look at whats on this site.
If you go through an employment agency they may also have guidelines and assistance with resume writing.
Don't get conned into paying for courses. There is always a provider offering when there is a chance of them making money, but there is a lot of stuff available free.

I've been learning to touch type and can now do it at a speed of 45wpm, I've added this to my resume. Still working on getting it to 65wpm!

What sort of work do you want to do ? search that on line and see what comes up. If you want a job that you can get anywhere, in any country, nursing is the way to go.
But you may have to pay for that training, worth it though if you would enjoy that type of work.

 Training to be a nurse is actually quite difficult. You need to do clinical placement which involves full time, unpaid work for up to 6 weeks at a time.
Plus getting new grad positions can be tricky. Yes they are always crying out for nurses, but fully qualified ones who have done a new grad year.

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