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Should I tell my husband the truth

I went out with my friends last weekend and met a man. He offered me $300 to have sex with him. I was short on money for the electricity bill as hubby has not been getting as much work. I told my hubby I won it on the pokies. Now the man I slept with has messaged me asking for me to have sex with him again for $300. Should I tell hubby where the money came from so I can do it again? What should I do?


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I feel like this is trolling but I'm still going to offer you a genuine answer.
"Should I tell hubby where the money came from so I can do it again" Why would your husband be okay with you doing it again just for $300? If you're sure he'll be fine with you doing it again, why is it even a question about telling him? Like what are you concerned he'll get mad at the first time but not the second?

How did the man you met get your number?

What did your friends think of you sneaking off to prostitute yourself out to some random guy?

Why can't you put your bills on a payment plan?

Are you sure you only want $300 for this? Personally, it'd take a lot more money than that to tempt me into cheating on my husband. A whole lot more. I'm talking at least 6 more zeroes before the decimal point.

 Excellent response!
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 Can afford to go out with friends but can't afford to pay the bills...mmm!
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 ^ troll priorities
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 But it IS possible to go out and have a good time with very little money (and sometimes we need to take the $20 and spend it on ourselves just to preserve our sanity). Although I would always recommend having your shit sorted (ie payment plans) before doing that. But once you stop drinking alcohol, soft drinks and juice are very inexpensive. I went to a bachelorette night out and had a great time one night and it cost me $10 on the night without being a party pooper. All I did was balance out my soft drinks with water. Tbh though I did pay more than that overall, but the other amount was done long before hand when money wasnt so tight.
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 Tell your husband as clearly you want your marriage to end. This will end it faster than you can blink and you can become a hooker full time. Plenty of KY and you are away idiot
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If I was your hubby I’d get a massive lubed dildo and pay you $300 just to watch you cram it up your a*s
You’d probably be sl***y enough to do it too 😂

You are a cheap troll as you can't pay bills but he believed you had money to put through a pokie machine you both need to sort out your priorities and get out of the gutter I hope you don't have children being raised by you as you have no morals

NO and block his number

OP I went with this advise after thinking it over this week.
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Your a cheap hooker

 Not true, in Australia $300 for the hour is about average.
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I don’t think you have much experience in telling the truth

Same, I’d pay to watch you stuff it up your sl***y anal hole