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Does the store just use click and collect or online orders as a way to get rid of stuff that they can't sell in the shop? Like damaged packaging or things that have been returned and just shoved back in the box?

A few click and collects I got over Christmas were like this now a friend just opened up her brand new coffee machine she got through click and collect and its been used with coffee all through it.


Answers (2)

I have never had an issue, but I would return anything that had been used

Wow I have never had issues like this and I've shopped with big w, target and woollies. I would take photos and ring/email. Usually there is something to say that if you are unhappy they refund and/or replace.
In a side note, we bought some lights from bunnings and when we got home 1 had been opened and smashed. Obvious that someone had bought and taken back and it had been put back on shelf with the others. We just took it back for an exchange. Don't understand why ppl are such shit heads. This could have happened with the coffee machine.