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so heartbroken don't know what to say

My daughter has had four miscarriages and currently at hospital with a suspected erotic pregnancy she has one 4yr old son who we are looking after while his parents deal with this latest lost I'm feel so heartbroken for them she has been on the phone crying the whole time has anyone experienced so many loses before


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I’ve had three. It’s always heart breaking. Just listen to her. She’s grieving and it’s real. So many people said things like ‘it was meant to be’ ‘don’t worry, it will happen one day’ ‘at least you already have one baby’... some told me their stories that were ‘worse’ than mine which just minimised my own losses, and some just avoided talking to me about it all together. None of those things were helpful.. All I needed was someone to listen, and a shoulder to cry on. That’s it, Sounds like you’re doing all the right things. Keep it up. And when she’s home, maybe if you think she would likepop over with a comfort pack of her favourite junk foods, and some trash mag. And of course, give her as much space as she wants What a wonderful mum you are xx

I’m so sorry for you both. It sounds traumatic and horrible for her, and for you as her mum to watch your baby girl go through this. I hope she is ok. And I hope you are ok too, cos I’m sure you will be one of her biggest strengths/supports. Goodluck mama Xx

I feel sad just reading this as obviously this is so painful for her. Sending love her way x

Just let her know you are there for her, be sad with her rather than for her. I have had 2 miscarriages its hard but it sounds like you're very supportive so just keep doing what you're doing x

Erotic ? You mean ectopic

 Well, obviously 🙄
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