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Have you been a victim of workplace bullying?

Did you lodge a complaint? If so, how did you deal with it and what was the outcome? Was it worth it?


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My boss was moved to a new position. I put an application for his job as I was a high performer and achieved some amazing outcomes that year. His boss who I was looking forward to working directly for and had always been good to me in the past, bullied me relentlessly leading up to the interview of which he and his mate were on the panel. Suffice to say it did not go well and he hired a guy he wanted. I was so hurt that someone who I previously respected did this and that he basically cheated me out of a very good opportunity. At the time I was very emotional which of course affected my interview. I was embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated before I went into the interview. I see things clearer now and am stronger for the experience. I still work there but don’t give a **** anymore. When he talks to me there is no warmth in my response I treat him like the cockroach he is. I even made him give him a two jump promotion. I also treat my new boss like another cockroach. I talk down to them both, don’t offer ideas and do the bare minimum. I am going for job interviews and call in sick. I do just enough so that can’t fire me, and to everyone else I appear the outgoing employee but they both know where they stand. I should mention I am friends with his boss and the one above him, they are the only reason I can get away with this behavior. I will keep bullying back until I leave. They won’t be getting any high performance or any performance out of me.

My husband was a few years ago. We were in a vulnerable position just having had a baby and having moved into a new house with his job being threatened. He was sort of forced to resign and wrote a big professionally worded letter of the reasons why he was leaving, using his employment contract and how what was happening was against policy. He was rang up by head office the next day and offered his job back but he did choose to leave. The people involved ended up being terminated. My advice is to write down incidents as they occur, making sure to add dates and all particulars of what happened. Personally I think that is best to make the complaint because if it happens again to someone else who also makes a complaint then something can be done but it really does depend on your work environment and how making a complaint will affect you.

Yes I was bullied by my national operations manager. He swore at me every day, we called me fat (I'm a size 10), any chance he got he was putting me down and in the end I handed in my resignation as I felt like I couldn't stand up to him. I had to give 4 weeks notice which I did, but 1st week into it I had a death in my family and needed a day off for the funeral, he refused, I said I won't be coming in and he told me to "pack your fu****g shit and get the f**k out of my work place, don't fu****g bother coming back here you bitch" so then I took it further. I had been saving msgs, emails etc over a year and this was the nail in the coffin. He was stepped down from his position and it makes me smile every day. I wish he was fired but I'll take what I can get. I now work for the most amazing company so things have only gone up :)

 good for you for standing up to an arsehole!
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Yes once as a teen. I didn't make a formal complaint, but after she tried to make fun of me for having a miscarriage (calm your shit everyone I was engaged to my now husband, was 19 and we'd just bought a house, so we were already living as grown ups) I had enough. I called her out in front of everyone she was trying to embarrass me in front of, and told her if she wants to take the piss out of our dead child, I'd be happy to take it outside. I had a reputation as being a lot tougher than I actually was and I guess she wasn't prepared to put her money where her mouth was. She'd been a nasty c**t to me for ages before then. For no apparent reason than to feel like a big shot while she sucked up the managers arsehole. And after that day she never gave me grief again.

 Good on you for standing up for yourself. I wish I had that courage. Although if I did, I’d get fired coz I’m new and my bitch boss has been there for years.
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I have. It was my direct manager's (one of the business owner's) wife, who was also a company owner. She was such an absolute c*nt to me on a daily basis. I tried everything to fix it, but the problem lied with her. She was a real piece of shit. My health deteriorated and I started smoking again (since quit). I stayed for over a year because it took me months and months to get that job. I eventually just quit on the spot and went to Centrelink. I used their help to get into a long term temp role eventually

I was a few years ago. It was a manager and her tactic was to put team members against each other then choose one to bully. Luckily my team is fairly close and we had heard about her reputation so she wasn't able to pit us against each other. Luck because we would have had no support from anyone else in the workplace. She's still employed as a manager and still bullies staff. If I know people well enough I will warn them about her but I have to be careful or I'd end up in trouble. Workplace bullying is so common. No wonder our kids get bullied at school when adults still do it

My husband was, by his boss. It almost killed him (he wanted to suicide). He made a complaint and saw it through. Document everything. Go to the union. Go to your doctor. My husband's case was difficult as it was all underhanded sh*t, undermining him, making out to others he was not trustworthy or was incompetent, changing systems husband was responsible for to something other than what he was trained for and offering no training in the new system, and no support staff who knew how to use it. Justice is difficult to get, but so is letting the bullying continue. Take sick leave if you can, see your doctor and make sure they put it on the record that it's because of bullying at work. Good luck. We are happier now, healthier too. Husband was offered a new position and compensation (very little in terms of money, but having that bastard's behaviour outted was payment enough).

Recently reported my boss. They told boss of my complaints. Recorded his responses ( I wasn’t told ). Both our explanations were put in a file. No punishment , nothing. But apparently they take these complaints very seriously. A load of crap.

Can you report workplace bullying when you have already left?

Yes, I honestly think most women have (possibly a large proportion of men too but women have to deal with sexual harrasment as well). No I didnt lodge a complaint, I just learned as much as I could from the job then got the hell out of there. I have seen heaps of women make a complaint against one really sleazy guy and hr takes the bosses side every time. Its not worth making a complaint, sadly. But if heaps of people leave HR will soon work out who the problem REALLY is

Yeah i was i guess...more discriminated against cos of my pregnancy and family situation. My direct suoervisor was a bully and once i did get the shits with it and spoke to the ceo (super small company) and he said "oh thats just her way". Clearly i wasn't getting anywhere there so in true aquarian fashion i worked my a*s off, let her words and attitude slide off my back and then when i went on maternity leave i helped pick a lemon of a replacement who bailed in the first 2 weeks due to the supervisors treatment of them. Well then old supervisor changed her tune, realises how awesome i was and called and emailed begging me to come back, offering a raise and car etc. Even said i could bring my newborn to work with me if i could just come back even part time (which was never on the cards before i had bubs). Well that was never gunna happen so i politely said no thank you with a smile on my face knowing the shit i left them in because of how they treated me throughout my years there. They knew my worth and their place.