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My 12yo daughter plays the flute and is due to get braces in 2 months. I know of a music shop that sells flaxx lip protectors which provide comfort and relief from lacerations. Has anyone used these? If so how would you rate them? Does anyone have any products they could recommend? She would also be using the product most of the time, not just when playing the flute. Thankyou ladies :)


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I had braces and played flute! It takes practice to adjust, so prepare her for a bit of a setback. I used the brace wax to protect my mouth from cuts and rubbing. I also used it to fill in gaps that air moved through.

 Same here, had braces and played flute and just used the wax.
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 Thanx guys. I really appreciate it x
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Look at kellogs paste over the pharmacy counter to help as well