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If you weren't coping but didn't feel people cared what would you do?

Everything is my fault and I don't agree. Who do I talk to and where do I go before I go insane? I don't have friends or family. I feel like I take a lot out on my partner and I can't help it. Help me help myself before I lose him too.


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First up, visit your go and ask for help. They can give you referrals to whoever you need, even a mental health plan. This means you get 6 free sessions with a psychologist.
Sometimes ranting, venting and talking about your issues can help.

See your gp and or go to a community health clinic. Help is there and people do care. If you don't have it around you source it. It is ok to reach out. 💟

No friends or family around? Maybe post where you are and see if anyone else on here is nearby and lacking social support too. You could always set up a yahoo email in under 5 min to contact anyone if there is.
I was tempted to put up a hey I need friends flier in my shopping centre when I first moved here!

The best thing I ever did is see a psychologist. Do it

Agree with previous answers. I have been there. A good GP is vital to be able to sort of a maze of issues, especially a half hour appointment. Mental health plans are useful.

I agree with the previous poster. Go and see your GP and tell them that you aren't coping. That is the first step.
You can make changes that can help as well such as your diet, get out of your house and excersize, that is supposed to be very important for mental wellbeing, ring lifeline.