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Lump on labia

Noticed a lumpon my labia sore to wipe.What cod it be?


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They shoot real good cos you can push from behind lol
Iv had 2/3 before

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Warm bath with epson salt 2 nights in a row, it will burst and clear up after that.

I’ve had two of these at different times. Each time the lump was tender to touch, however when I squeezed it, nothing came out. The lump gradually decreased in size and went away after about a week, both times.

Could be an ingrown hair, soak in the bath with a bit of salt in the water or put warm water and salt in a container dip a face washer in it and just hold it on the lump, it will hopefully help burst it and draw out any gunk and then it will dry it out.

Not really familiar with different types cod, and no idea how a fish relates to a lumpon your labia

 Do you feel better? Does the sun shine a bit brighter on you now? Typos happen, there was no need to call her out. Everyone else knew what she was referring to.
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 yes, especially when your correction wasn't technically correct.
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 You don’t know what she’s into. Maybe she likes to shove fish up her vaj. We shouldn’t judge her for that. What we should be judging is your typo, Miss Perfect.
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