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Hello i am looking for a job that fits in with school hours

I am keen to study and begin a new career. Nursing hours do not fit in with being a single mum. I am not interested in party planning, avon herbalife or that kind if thing. A job that you go to work and can collect your children from school. The youngest is 3 so i am think ahead


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I'm a single mum and do community care. I have no certificates but one in aged care is helpful. Because I don't have a certificate it means I can only do low level care in a hacc program. My job is pretty much driving to aged clients house and assisting them with some light cleaning mostly. It can also mean cooking, shopping (taking them or on your own) personal care, social stuff. You need your own insured car and a national police check. I start at 9 and finish by 3 it's very flexible and I choose how much work I want. Really good if your interested in nursing after kids are older

 This is what I want to do but everywhere I look the job description includes personal care which I don’t want to do. Is your position actually called community care or is it home help? And can I ask what state you are in. Thanks.
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 From personal experience, community care jobs are a mixture of both showering, dressing, taking to appointments, social time
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 Maybe coz I have certificate? Without certificate it's just cleaning and domestic duties
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Hi there, we have a 'Positions Vacant' section on the Stay at Home Mum website that is updated daily - here is the link:

I'm doing a teacher's aide course. School hours ☺

 Not always, as EA's start earlier and finish later than school hours. Also your child can not be in the same classroom as you work. I still need to put my children in before and after school care to work as an EA.
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 Might depend on the school. My friend is an EA and in the same class as her son
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 It will depend on the parent, child and school. I worked in my son's class as a support teacher but it wasn't easy and next year we are going to different schools so he has his space.

As for hours my friends do 8am-4pm.

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 I am a Teachers Aide and I work 8.45 to 3pm. I started this job when my kids started school so it’s been perfect.
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Swimming teaching, you’re not going to be rich but it’s fun rewarding and totally family friendly

I'm a home care worker too, same as the lady above. I'm a single mum and like to only work school hours. I work 9-2.30.

You could try cafe etc most of them cover lunch shifts also drop off catalogues (its not much money but something) private house cleaning it just depends what ur looking for

Just realised this question was 4 years ago.
Why are people answering now. I think she would have a job by now!

I have an opportunity for you to work at home. You may want to check it out. It's amazing and you help people, too!