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Picture of ex on my fridge

So I'm a divorced mum of three primary school age kids. Unfortunately their father has not really made a lot of effort with the kids and they now no longer see him. My youngest had an assignment due from school about father's day so I was asked to send in a father/daughter selfie, which I did. Weeks later my daughter comes home with the bloody thing laminated. Has a huge picture of my ex ewww. And I've just been on autopilot and popped it on the fridge. Now every time I walk into the kitchen I almost get a fright. But I feel like the kids have all seen it up there, so I can't just take it down. But I want to. Any advice?


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Burn the fridge. Tell her it was an electrical fault. Photo went up in flames too.

Put it in her room.

 In a frame. Kmart has cheap ones. That way it's like you care but really you are doing it for you.
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Just get the kids to draw some pictures say wow they r so awesome they're going on the fridge. Cover up the picture and then the next day take it down and they won't even notice. If they do say I have new pics up so the last lot can go in a special memory box now in her room or something then u don't have to look at it

Let her give it to her dad for Father’s Day / Christmas / Birthday / Halloween.

I wouldn’t cope with a photo of my ex on my fridge either!
I agree with the photo frame idea and putting it in her bedroom.
I think that’ll be a win / win.
Good luck x

 Or, depending on the age of your child, ask her what she’d like to do with the pic.
It may not be that important to her if she doesn’t see Dad anymore and she might be happy for it to come down from the fridge without it going into her room.

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 Maybe she doesn’t want to see the pic daily either.
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Maybe the kids get a similar feeling when they see it on the fridge. Ask your daughter what she wants to do with it. It may be upsetting for her if it’s in her room too.
Maybe say do you want it out to look at or in a keep sake box, give options.

Clean the fridge of everything else as part of 'spring cleaning'. Ask her if she wants to keep it.

Maybe move it to the side.. and If they ask just say ur not sure one of the other kids maybe moved it.. keep moving it there and say it’s tome to put it in their ‘special box’ get a box to put special school things they want to keep, put all these momentos in and keep in wardrobe of each child.

Keep it there. As hard as it is for you, you need to be seen as encouraging any form of interaction with their father - even if it is just a photo.

Put it in her room or help her write a note and post it to her dad or his parents

Buy her a pretty frame and say it will look good in her bedroom.