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Do you or your husband send your parents money regularly?

My parents sent their parents money regularly like monthly. My own parents and hubby's parents haven't asked for this or seem like they need it. My sister and her husband send money to their parents (and mine). I am interested to know if this is usual/normal? None of my friends except one does this. Do you? Do they send you money? When did it swap from them sending you money to you sending them money?


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No and I don't know anyone who does. But my family & friends are mainly middle class white people so it could be a cultural thing??

Although we don't tend to discuss money or our financial situations explicitly, I know my parents would be wealthier than we are. They occasionally offer to pay one-off expenses for us. My husband's parents are not as wealthy, but aren't struggling, and would never dream of asking us for money.

We send $400 a month to his mum.

 My parents on the other hand are paying off our mortgage in 2 years plus a large investment chunk of money.

Some days it’s a little frustrating expecially when we were just making ends meet and I’m the big income earner.
But it’s not her fault. He is from Costa Rica and his mum never worked after getting pregnant at 16 his dad supported her for about 15 years after they split but he met a 20 yo and then on our last trip we noticed she wasn’t well and couldn’t afford much of anything. We had to pay a massive bill or 2 years overdue body corporate.

I dislike his brothers immensely they were both given opportunities here with us and blew it, but his mum never had a chance. She was born in a slum and his dad actually is middle class and now is a low high income earner. So she took the split hard and moved the boys to a slum on the beach. She’s had a hard life I just hate his brothers get a chunk of the money.

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My Indian co workers work 25 hours a mth overtime to send money to patents

My mum is financially sound but my husband's mother often needs money, she asks, we send. I don't have a problem with it, she works as much as she can with her health and age and she had a bad run in life, she's not just a mooch or anything. We gave her $1000 to buy Christmas gifts for all her kids and grandkids this year because we knew she had nothing and it would have near killed her to show up with nothing.

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 How many kids do you have ?
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 That’s so kind of you to be understanding and supportive. I bet she is so grateful to have a daughter in law like you that is kind, generous and not upset to help her out. X
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 We have two kids ourselves.
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 Your mum is a loser
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 Because she's financially sound? Ok then lol
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I tend to buy them groceries moreso than give them money. We struggle as well but if I see cheap meat/groceries etc, then I get them some too. If they needed money I would if I could afford it.

We don't give our parents money. My dad retired with $1.6m in his super. He made sure to put away extra as my mum didn't go back to work after having kids, so they can have a comfortable retirement. My in laws aren't struggling either, fil still works (owns his own business) so no need to give them money. Our parents don't give us money either, but they would if we asked.

I used to work with a man, (who was Scottish) that worked ridiculous amounts of overtime so he could pay of his kids’ mortgages. He had long service leave, went to the UK and worked there too. I think he was just a workaholic. And the extra $$ to be able to do that for his kids was a bonus.

I would if they weren’t so selfish and uninvolved in our life,
May I ask which culture you’re from?

We will start giving to my parents in a few years when we are established ourselves. My husbands parents gave money to his grandparents. We will do it because we earn more than them and I don’t want to see my parents living in a caravan park.

No. And they don’t send me money either. They do give my sister who struggles quite a bit though.