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Sibling rivalry.

My two daughters are 6.5 and 8. they are always picking on one another, fighting about the smallest thing (like, stop looking at me). The one who says stop looking at me says it in an awful tone, and plus, you can't control what other people do. how should i deal with this situation? help. it's driving me nuts.


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Oh girl, I feel you. I have 3 and there's always some petty crap going on. He looked at me, she's breathing at me, that one stole my spot on the carpet, blah blah blah. I try and deflect it a bit "he's not looking at you darling he's looking at that thing behind you, aren't you matey", or "yeah! Everybody stop breathing. You're breath stinks, either brush your teeth or stop breathing" (just to get them giggling), "nah, I spun the carpet around before she sat down, your spot is over here now. If you look real close you can see your butt imprint on the carpet". If all else fails, divide and conquer. One can play over here and the other can watch a show on the tv. For me, one can help me in the kitchen, one can watch a show, and one can I dunno, play over there or read or something. Play the ipad. Whatever man as long as the fighting is over. Play outside or something.

 This is great! Like dad jokes, but for mums, I gotta get me some :)
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Have they done the swinging where they say it's your fault if you get hit? My kids are shits too.

I make my kids play separately when they fight too much. Then they get bored having no one to play with. If they say they are bored they get chores, so they try to keep the fighting quiet.

 I do this too. I put them in. A five minute quite time activity, and then it's resume play. Then it turns to 7 minutes etc it helps a lot. I find peer influence so tough though, are they overwhelmed by the craziness of school? Being constantly Interrupted or spoken over is tough and sometimes my more sensitive child has to just decompress in her room for 20 mins after school to calm down, she always fights it, but then doesn't want to come out! It's tough mum, good luck
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 My eldest is at school and she has a very gentle teacher. The youngest will start school next year. I think she’s ready for school so that causes competitive conflict. And the eldest does get tired from school.
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 My youngest is 5.5. Typo. Sorry!
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If I can't get them to cool down straight away I tell them to play outside or in their rooms alone, their choice. Just as long as it's away from me lol.
They either go outside or in thier rooms or they shut straight up. You need to be consistent and follow through every single time though or they won't take you seriously.

When my kids were young and fighting over stupid stuff, I’d put a pair of undies on their heads. They’d look at each other and laugh and laugh. The bad moods would be gone and they’d play nicely. Only did it at home, not in public and not in front of others..just saying incase I get called a child abuser again...

My 17 yr old hates my 13 year old. Always has. She’s so mean to him. It’s so sad when your kids don’t get along. Yours are young, I hope they grow out of it. Wish mine had. 😔

 Yes ah that sux Hugs x
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I like the ‘dad’ jokes . I yelled this morning go wash your teeth and brush your face intentionally mixing my words up, made them laugh.
I sometimes lock myself in the bathroom for five because they tend to keep going until I intervene, let them fight and they can learn to sort their differences.
I am forty and my sister still carries on like this at times, but obviously the adult version.

You thought having 2 children would be fun and easy

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