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Dreadlocks on men and women.

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Bout to bone a dude with sick dreads.
It’s a yes from me

Answered by SAHM Staff

Not for me - but some people can really rock the shit outta them!

If you like em who cares what people like you think?

It depends on the person as it whether or not it looks good.

Tourists who get their hair braided on cruise ship islands always look bogan.

Not for me and not something I would find attractive on a potential partner but otherwise, not my hair I don’t care.

My husband had them a few years ago, he's black and it happened naturally I didn't mind it till it got a bit longer then it didn't look good. He shaved his head again, it's the only time in his whole life he's ever not had a shaved head

One of our sons has little dread and honestly it's the cutest little thing everyone comments on his hair. It always happened naturally
My other boy and my daughters hair knots and would be ugly dreads as it's not Afro hair just super curly

suits some people not others but yeah made me think 90s too.

Should be for "Rastas" only the 90's have been and gone.